High Availability

Complete disaster protection for IBM i systems (AS / 400, i5, i-series),  AIX systems

Proven power against interruption and data loss. Whatever it is, keep doing it.

In today’s highly competitive 7×24 operating environment, there is no opportunity to tolerate downtime and data loss. Market conditions, industrial regulations and service agreements require strict requirements. Customers and business partners demand continuous availability. Your business needs a strong defense to protect you from any disruption – from regional disasters, hardware failures, user mistakes and even routine maintenance.

SM System Software Consulting offers high availability and disaster recovery solutions, the best in its class for over 20 years on the market. Protect your business by copying data, applications, and critical system information in real-time to a stand-by recovery server anywhere in the world. In the event of any disruption to your main server, users can be directed to the recovery server automatically or administratively. Easy to use and scalable for businesses of all sizes, from small businesses to large global corporations. Continuous Availability solutions enable your business to continue.

Key Advantages

  • Protect your business from high downtime costs
  • Provides worry-free protection from data loss 
  • Strengthens infrastructure selection and flexibility.
  • Minimizes and minimizes HA / DR management and monitoring requirements, reducing cost
  • Optimize your server’s health
  • Provides a quick return on your investment
  • Continuous Usability Keep Your Business Easy with Comprehensive Disaster Management
  • Protect your business from high downtime costs

Continuous availability, audit requirements, the most aggressive service level agreements and legal requirements are met. Real-time replication for a always-available rescue server works comfortably even in the highest transaction volumes. Automatic procedures facilitate the transition to the rescue server to get rid of an unplanned intermittent swiftly, or it facilitates planned server maintenance without interruption.