LaserVault Backup

LaserVault Backup (LVB) is a tapeless diskette backup solution for iBM i (AS / 400, iSeries, System i) users.
It gives you the ability to back up your IBM i system via a TCP / IP connection.
LVB saves each backup as a file to local or network attached disks. Whether this file is IBM i
If you want to restore your system, you will copy it to the remote location. LVB “save file”
Does not use direct diskee backup.
LVB is software built into the IBM i system, which has commands similar to IBM commands:
Back to the LVB.

Reduce your operations while your disaster management system is stronger. SAVSYSLV system
It is an optional solution that allows you to get your diskette. LVB with LaserVault Replacador
You can back up to the cloud, you can transfer to a different location or external diskette.
An IBM i system, a Windows server and LVB software is sufficient to use LVB. Many
The user has shortened the backup time, according to the system configuration of the backup time
Half or more. Your LVB iSeries system over TCP / IP
You can easily backup to your Windows server, NAS, SAN.
Both your backup cartridge costs will be reduced and I will be able to restore
You do not think. Backup is fully automatic. There is no problem writing to the wrong tape cartridge,
And the Backup performance report will be sent to your e-mail address so that the backup is healthy
You will know that it is finished.

  • LaserVault Backup connects via TCP / IP
  • Does not require special connection Connects via IBM i Ethernet card
  • LVB is easy to install and use.
  • Our customers start using LVB on the day of installation.
  • Backup and restore can be done on internal disks, external disks, CDs and DVDs, USB drives NAS and SANdisks ..
  • SAVSYSLV allows you to take system backups onto disk.
  • It runs on systems with OS / 400 I5 / OS V4R3.
  • You can try it for 30 days free and without risk!